Actress Charu Kashyap’s passion for horse riding


Actress Charu Kashyap riding the horse

Actress Charu Kashyap has time and again showed her love for the horse riding. The stunning actress has taken professional horse-riding training and since then she is often seen riding horses whenever finds a chance. What began as a hobby, slowly became a passion for a sport.

Talking about her passion, Charu Kashyap says “My father was in defense. Horse riding is something I love since my childhood. Whenever I get time, I like to go horse riding. People call horse riding a macho sport but I feel women riding a horse look sexy & so attractive”

“I would love to pursue horse riding professionally in the near future. I find relaxing, it is sort of a stress buster for me” adds Charu Kashyap.

Editor in Chief : Mewati SItaram

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