Sandeepa Dhar set to act in Hollywood movie: Red Notice


Sandeepa Dhar moving on to Hollywood


Sandeepa Dhar has tested for the lead role for a Hollywood movie called Red Notice. It’s the character of an Indian Brit girl and by the looks of it Sandeepa fits in it beautifully. If reports are to be believed Sandeepa has definitely tested for it and fingers crossed she is definitely seen as one of the most probable leads for the film.

The big news is that the movie will star Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Ryan Reynolds in the lead. And yes we promise you that you read that right.

We tried getting in touch with sandeepa for a comment on this development, but she was unavailable. The film has huge Hollywood stars, and with Dwayne Johnson in it, it definitely will garner a worldwide response and it has the potential to take Indian artiststi a new level on the international scene.

Editor in Chief : Mewati SItaram

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