For Home Minister Amit Shah very crucial moment – Do or Die

Amit Shah the minister of home affairs and president of BJP claims in tweets that section 370 should be repealed, Ram mandir should be built and triple talaaq shouldn’t be allowed to happen. CAB and NRC should be declared. And in another tweet he said that no Indian citizen should be scared of NRC irrespective of their religion. On the other hand students earlier on Tuesday had asked Amit Shah to ‘curb police brutality or resign’. Yesterday Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that she was ashamed of Shah’s remarks and asked him a number of questions related to whatever is happenening all over the country. The matter is heating up too much as there were protests almost all over India today and most of them being in the metropolitan cities. In some areas the Internet service was also suspended at the same time colleges telephones and metros were shut down too by imposing section 144. Rahul Gandhi tweeted saying that the government has no right to do whatever they have been doing in order to stop the peaceful protests. He even added tweeting that by doing so the government is insulting India’s soul. Let’s see what the upcoming days hold for India and their citizens as it’s very crucial for all of us. And let’s see what decision will be taken by Amit Shah and the BJP government.

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