India’s leading Chefs comes together at Khane Ke Deewane Show


participating chefs in Khane Ke Deewane

The show will exclusively premiere on 10th January 2020 only on Gemplex.

The food lovers have reason to cheer, soon they would get to watch a cookery show namely Khane Ke Deewane, presented under the banner of Gemplex Original. This show will takes you from food by-lanes to star facilities of Mumbai. These includes such as Sahara Star, Marine Plaza, Four Points, Mirador to name a few. In this show, Executive Chefs, Professional bakers, food joint owners and two beautiful hosts come together to share their wonderful experiences. They give you a deep insight into the food industry and sheer joy of cooking.

Gemplex is excited to bring professional chefs with ton loads of experience working in the best restaurants of Mumbai to their kitchen. There is a new chef and new recipes in every episode. It has many interesting and entertaining segments in which the host interacts with restaurant owners and professional chefs.

Khane Ke Deewane is one of a kind show where along with anchor chef; chef’s will be travelling in the old and new lanes of Mumbai. They will visit some of the famous and vintage food joints of the city such as Cafe Irani Chai, Lucky Biryani, Cafe Gulshan and Café Colony.

In Khane Ke Deewane show, the audience will get to see 12 Professional Chefs. They would be talking about their journey and they will cook some unique and delicious recipes, out of simplest of things which are easily available in everyone’s kitchen. The audience will also watch them interacting with host Swatti Bakshi, where she asks them about their personal experiences, about the food and hotel industry. They will also visit Sachin Tendulkar gymkhana and Cricket club of India in search for some healthy recipes. They will also have some funny and interactive questionnaire round with chefs where you’ll get to see their witty sides as well. There would be a lot of new recipes and international cuisines prepared by leading chefs.

On this show, there would be chefs from different hotels and restaurants. Each chef shall share their expertise in different form of cuisines. Amidst, there are chefs who have been in the industry since many years and create new recipes by experimenting with the existing ones. Audience will also get to see Anchor Chef Rohit Gujral.

The visitors of Mumbai, this show will be a best guide to experience unique food destinations. As for Mumbaikars, this show will remind all the places that they were missing out on a holiday. The show has 12 episodes, which is directed by Atul Bhagat, produced by Prakash Tiwari, Rohan Tiwari, Co-produced by Neeta Tiwari, Pragati Tiwari and Associate producer Suresh Anchan, Creative Producer Avishek Majumder, Vishalkumar Patil.

Editor in Chief : Mewati SItaram

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