ITC Hotels Zesty Morning breakfast serves authenticity and craftsmanship


Splendid Hornby’s Pavilion at ITC Grand Central

Executive Chef Paul Noronha & his team curates extravagant breakfast at ITC Grand Central 

ITC Hotels, to enhance the breakfast experience, come up with a – Zesty Morning breakfast. A caringly selected and mindfully prepared breakfast experience that contemplates various aspects that makes one’s first meal of the day to begin with.  

It is available at all Pavilions (all-day dining restaurant) from 7 a.m. till 10:30 a.m. At ITC Grand Central, it is served at Hornby’s Pavilion. A composite breakfast stations offers diverse options. Conscious Cereals is a program that aims to enrich the ubiquitous process of consuming cereal for breakfast through the inclusion of ancient, forgotten grains that provide to the body, the fiber it needs Sorghum, Pearl Millets, Red Rice, Finger Millets and Amaranth to name a few such grains are known to be good for one’s holistic well-being and helps sustain over a longer period of time.

Zesty Breakfast display at Hornby’s Pavilion

There are alternate milks options made of seeds, grains, nuts and even soya on the buffet and Juicery.  A plethora of options ranging from microgreens, sprouts and herbs, to an assortment of vegetables and fruits, it includes whole and cut fruits too. 

Lavish breakfast buffet also consists of flavoured yogurts, toasted nuts, puffed grains, homemade granolas, fresh fruit and fruit purees, that allow for guests to customise their own breakfast bowls. Some other must experience stations at Zesty mornings breakfast initiative are Local Love, North Indian Signatures, South Indian Delicacies and Western Griddle. The Pavilions have also made micro greens available to be made into a full breakfast meal by turning it into a composite breakfast salad station called Living Grid.

Editor in Chief : Mewati SItaram

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