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Mns chief Raj Thackeray denied being issued any notice by the State Election Commission following complaints by Maratha outfits against the party’s  change of flag to a saffron coloured flag with Chhatrapati Shivaji’s royal seal or ‘Rajmudra’ in the middle.
“I have made it clear that the flag incorporating the Rajmudra is meant to serve an inspirational purpose and is not for use during elections. Furthermore, we had already informed the EC that we would be adopting this flag more than three years ago. It was only that we officially displayed it last month” Thackeray said.
He further added only his party actually undertook drives against illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Pakistan in Mumbai
He claimed saying that it was only due to the efforts of MNS party workers that the government was able to catch taxis and autorickshaws, being allegedly driven illegally by Bangladeshis, off the roads in Mumbai.
On the other hand MNS party president for Versova area tweeted on 15 th February “Met MNS leader Shri Amit Rajsaheb  Thackeray & took his blessings for my birthday
I cut cake on current Topic of illegal immigrant respecting public sentiments & Anger”
By cutting the cake showing anger against immigrants Prashant Rane has shown that how much MNS and it’s people are concerned for the welfare of our country
MNS has been shown support earlier at their Mahamorcha held in Mumbai to remove the immigrants from Bangladesh,Pakistan and other countries. People shows up in huge numbers to support this cause. They think that immigrants should be removed from the country as they are a burden over our country which is causing overpopulation and over exploition of natural resources and they are taking up the jobs top of Indian citizens thus leading to a huge number of Indians sitting at home unemploye

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