Ramji Gulati’s news song Kaali Meri Gaddi will make you groove.


The song features Tik Tok stars Faisu, Avneet Kaur and Ramji Gulati  

Famed Ramji Gulati’s news song Kaali Meri Gaddi is out. It is giving us major party vibes. The song featuring Tik Tok king and queen . Faisu & Avneet Kaur. Just like all his previous songs with Tik Tokers, the video “Kaali Meri Gaddi” screams stylish, rich & grand. the song shows Ramji Gulati, Faisu and Avneet Kaur in their stylish avatar still maintaining that rusticity and their fabulous charm.

Truly peppy and lively in its best sense, song has the spur of making you groove effortlessly. Enchanted beats, flexible use of tones accompanied by all three is highly intriguing moves. Kaali Meri Gaddi” is here and surely music lovers will go crazy over this.

Ramji Gulati says “Party season is currently on and Kaali Meri Gaddi is a special offering to our fans worldwide to enhance their party mood.  I have been lucky that audience have loved all my songs. I hope they love this one too”.

Editor in Chief : Mewati SItaram

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