Wake up India again And help Nirbhaya

It’s been 7 years since Nirbhaya was raped and she passed away. 7 years yes it’s not a short time. And her mother Asha Devi is still struggling to get justice for her and several other victims of rape. This is a very heart touching story where you can see through her and the pain she is going through and will be going through all her life. It’s really hard to understand that even after being convicted and announcing the sentence why is it being postponed? Some lawyers come forward saying that they are too young they have human rights but even Nirbhaya was young and had human rights too didn’t she? It is just so simple that they are guilty of their crimes and as per as the law they should be hanged. Then why is the entire thing being made complicated and who and what is doing so? And this isn’t just about Nirbhaya and her mother but several other rape victims in India and their families. So proud to see her mom still fight through with so much strength and tolerance. Will her agony never come to an end? Will this keep going for years to come or will this change? If the Indian government is improving other laws then why not the law for rape convicts? There should be something for speedy result in the court and execution of the convicts to leave a strong impact on everyone. These Rapists aren’t humans to deserve any human rights as they were inhumane enough to rape Nirbhaya and remove her insides from her body. Just imagine the level of pain she went through. There shouldn’t be any chances or mercy petitions for any of them. They should straight be hanged for the crimes. Everyone in India should support her Mother and do something so the rapists get what they deserve. Every Indian should stand up against rape and make India a safer country for women and girls.

surjitt sahani

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