Ganesh Acharya Registered Counter Complaint against Asst. Choreographer


Choreographer Ganesh Acharya with his wife Vidhi Acharya at press meet.

India’s leading Bollywood Ace choreographer Ganesh Acharya has filed a
counter NC against Assistant choreographer. He came with wife Vidhi
Acharya, daughter Soundarya Acharya and his lawyer Ravi Suryavanshi to
meet the press. His lawyer shared all the details regarding the complaint to
Ganesh Acharya said, “She was part of a group of dancers I worked with in
2007. Apart from that, I don’t know this girl at all. The accusations of
assault in my presence and on my instructions are false, as I had left for a
shoot before the altercation between her and the two others took place.”
As a proof, Video of that incident was also shown to media.
Regarding the accusations of expelling her because she didn’t agree to pay
him a commission and forcing her to watch adult videos, he said, “The
decision to expel a member is taken after everyone’s consent, and she was
expelled owing to her crude and unflattering remarks on dance masters. I
am against the practice of commission and don’t work with coordinators, so
why will I demand commission from her?
Disgruntled by the termination of her membership, she sent letters and
notices to IFTCA and its members making false and frivolous allegations of
not letting her work and harassing her. However, in these alleged
complaints, there was no mention of her latest cooked-up story of porn
videos being shown to her. Her accusations are false and baseless.”
Ganesh’s lawyer, Ravi Suryawanshi, said, “We have given a written
complaint to the Oshiwara Police Stationon January 31 against her for
defamation and filed an NC for the same. We have also lodged a complaint
at Amboli police station against her for filing a false complaint. Ganesh
Acharya will soon initiate legal proceedings against her and her

Editor in Chief : Mewati SItaram

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