BMC inspired by Kerala State’s education system makes big changes

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on 4 th February presented its education budget for the year 2020-21 . ₹2,944 crores was allocated to the same. The education budget was presented by Joint Municipal Commissioner Ashutosh Salil to Education Committee Chairperson Anjali Naik.
In the previous year 2019 ₹2733.77 crores were allocated for education while the budget has increased to ₹2944.59 crores this year. This year the education budget has been increased by almost 7.7 per cent which is ₹211 crores as compared to the last one.
Government has allocated ₹2.50 crore for primary education while ₹45 lakh being allocated for secondary education. The officials have decided to provide financial aid for the undergraduate degree.
BMC will also allocate ₹50 lakh for the education of first 25 rank holders from the state board. It has also proposed to improve the the teaching of all the subjects and to set up a digital telescope and mini observatory to give students a first-hand experience of space science ₹26 lakh has been allocated for the same. While getting inspired by the Kerala state education budget  the government of Maharashtra has put pressure  on the implementation of three water break bells as a reminder for the students to drink water and keep themself hydrated.
Focusing on the security of the students in government schools it has been decided to install CCTV cameras at gates and classrooms of class 4 to 7. A budget of ₹20 crores has been allocated for the same.

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