Suicide note – Indian short film to be screened at Hollywood


It’s a proud moment for India that a beautiful short film named “suicide note” produced by Viikas Jolly directed by Parvez Khan is selected for a screening at Raleigh Studios Hollywood California US on 22nd March 2020. This short film is based on a very fragile topic which is of great concern in today’s society which is Suicide. It’s a story of a young adult who meets certain hurdles in his life be it his career, family and relationships  and which breaks him down from the inside out. And he thinks suicide is his answer to put an end to his problems but is suicide really the answer? The movie is a mix of different emotions and motivates people and let’s them understand how to handle tough situations in life. People hardly talk about their problems these days and think suicide is the answer but it’s not. This short movie really throws light on this matter. A must watch short movie for everyone specially for the young adults.

surjitt sahani

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