Relish Special Mushroom menu at The Leela’s Great Wall


Exclusive Mushroom delicacies served at The Great Wall

The Leela Mumbai brings to you a Special Mushroom Menu at their prominent Chinese
restaurant, The Great Wall. This soulful menu will highlight a wide range of farm fresh
fungi like Chanterelle, White Maitake, Oyster Mushroom, Trumpet Mushroom, Beech
Mushroom, Enoki, Shiitake and White Button Mushroom with an Oriental twist.

You can begin your meal with a hearty soup like King Oyster, Shiitake and white Shimeji
Clear Soup or Double Boiled Chicken with Shiitake, Button Mushroom, Black fungus and
King Oyster.

The Great Wall restaurant at The Leela Mumbai

Dim Sums varieties includes like Black Truffle Prawn Siu Mai; Steamed King Oyster and
Prawn Rolls with Oyster Sauce; Black Fungus, Enoki and water chestnut Crystal
Dumplings; Spicy King Oyster, Shiitake, Brown Shimeji and Black Fungus
Dumplings; Fresh Shiitake, White Shimeji and Chicken Dumplings; Fried prawn
Dumplings with Enoki and King oyster and Button Mushroom Spring Rolls.

The main course feature delicacies like Lobster Dragon with king Oyster, Shiitake and
Bamboo Shoot; Sliced Chicken with Black Fungus and Enoki; Wild Oyster, Shimeji, King
Oyster and Bamboo Shoot in Clay Pot; Wok tossed Water chestnut with White Fungus
and Eryngii Mushroom; Chinese Duck with Five Spiced Mixed Mushrooms; Sautéed
shrimps with White Shimeji and burnt garlic; Crisp Fried Pomfret with Enoki, Shimeji and
Cha Chai and Chinese Greens, Enoki and Black Fungus in White garlic
sauce. Complement these specialities with Enoki with Singapore Rice Noodles and Truffle
Flavored Fried Rice with Shimeji, King Oyster and Shiitake. So, head over to The Leela
Mumbai and discover the magic of mushrooms.

What: Special Mushroom Menu
Where: The Great Wall
When: Ongoing till 29 th  March, 2020
Price: A la Carte
Timing: 12:30 pm to 3 pm / 07:00 pm – Midnight
Contact for reservations: 022 6691 1347 / 48

Editor in Chief : Mewati SItaram

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