Finland- A gender diverse country


All in their thirties: These women have a country to run. (From left to right) Finland’s Minister of Education Li Andersson, 32; Minister of Finance Katri Kulmuni, 32; Prime Minister Sanna Marin, 34; and Interior Minister Maria Ohisal, 34

Sanna Marin Finland’s new Prime minister rose to fame all around the world as she’s the youngest Prime Minister in the world. At 34 years old she joined the prime ministers of New Zealand, Salvador and Ukraine who are all under 40. The prime misnisters new coalition government with all five party leaders being woman and under the age of 40. Feminists across country has applauded the new elected Prime Minister and hoping for a positive change across the world with this step. Finland’s cabinet features a majority of women being 12 women and 7 men. Marin herself was the Minister of Transport before being elected as the PM. The country’s parliamentarians are women which make up for 47% almost half of it. Finland is truly a gender diverse country.

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