Electricity subsidy in Maharashtra upto 100 units

The Maharashtra government under CM Uddhav Thackeray is considering to make electricity free for residential users who consume up to 100 units every month.
It is clearly inspired by the government in Delhi headed by Arvind Kejriwal which gives 100% subsidy in power tariff up to 200 units.
Energy Minister Nitin Raut said “We want to give free electricity to users who consume up to 100 units. But there are many things that need to considered before a decision is taken,”
He had announced the proposal after taking charge in December 2019, and his officials have been asked to submit a report on the feasibility and economic burden of the project on the department in the next three months Arvind Kejriwal tweeter “ I am glad cheap electricity has become part of national political discourse. Del has shown that it is POSSIBLE to provide free/cheap elect. Del has shown that it also gets u votes.21st century India must have 24×7 power available to all at cheap rates”
Inspired by Arvind Kejriwal or not but CM Uddhav Thackeray is truly a great leader for Maharashtra. We hope that this decision turns out well.

surjitt sahani

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