A story from an unknown writer who wants to express his/her feeling but not his/her name.


We don’t see a lot of people speaking or paying attention to the actual current political situation in India. And those who try to do so aren’t allowed to come up on the Internet or news channels. Even though our constitution says we have freedom of speech and expression in India but in reality one cannot really utilise it to voice their problems. There are numerous issues and problems which are not covered by the news channels. Instead they cover things which aren’t of significance and flash it on their breaking news. India “BHARAT” since we were born we were always taught at my school that India has always been and is a secular country meaning a multi religious country. Our country’s pledge says it too “rich and varied heritage.” All religions men and women no matter Hindus Muslims Sikhs Christians etc always stayed together in harmony unity and peace. But recently due to a few politicians and parties and the manipulations and brain washing created by them everything has gone haywire. The brotherhood equality freedom peace love and unity towards each other. We all are being played and brainwashed under the pretext that we will be provided a better India , a better lifestyle and money etc. All this is making us fight with each other so that they can “Divide and Rule us” gain the benefit and power. We are not trying to criticize anyone or our country. But when we look at other countries progressing so much in all fields and everything it’s really heartbreaking to see our fellow Indians lagging behind due to some politicians when we are so much more and beautiful. Day by day instead of moving forward we are going backward. Like we will tell you India back then used to be a country rich in culture and tradition yet so open minded in a beautiful way where humans were valued and respected so much especially women. They were worshipped so much. The other day we were reading an Instagram post by a girl who visited a “Sex temple” (yes it exists in India not many know about it and there’s a lot of them here) in South India. There were statues of men and women all naked. Doesn’t this clearly show how broad minded we were. Natives from there say women were respected more and considered the most intelligent and this is why they would grow long hair. And if a man surpassed that level of intelligence he would get the privilege of growing long hair. KAMASUTRA is the oldest surviving text on erotic love which I’m fact started from India and spread around the world and they embraced it with time so beautifully and we abused it. Let’s look around the modern India “India 2019” What happened to us? What happened to the respect we had for women and their bodies. Rapes , honour killing , female foeticide , slut shaming , body shaming , domestic violence so many things happening to women. Especially right now in the case of Dr. Priyanka Reddy. What did she do? Did she do something wrong to deserve this? If they didn’t have any pity for her why are we even giving them chances of trials in court. Why aren’t we treating them the same way they treated her by raping and killing her. They say everything is under control yet so many rapes and murders happen per day in just the capital. Imagine the numbers in the other parts of India. And half of them don’t even come to light and our knowledge. They say that they are working for the welfare of women ,children, public spending crores of rupees. Yet I see no changes no efforts. It’s all zero. And the people who want to try make a change their hands are tied they are scared to do so. We are just being blinded by the facade that they choose to show us through news channels. We are being fooled everyday what’s really happening is they are enjoying power our hard earned money which we pay through taxes. This is just a tiny part out of all the problems. There so many more in our India.

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